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BigCommerce solutions to sell better and more

BigCommerce solutions to sell better and more

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Our services and our theme, Scaffolding, have been developed around these five principles:

  • like any e-commerce platform, configuring BigCommerce to fit the specific needs and image of a company requires expertise, time, and effort
  • a theme can offer a wide range of functionalities that are truly necessary to improve user experience and increase conversion rates 
  • a tighter theme design can look very nice until you try to adapt it to your real business
  • the more flexible the theme is and the more controls it has, the better it will adapt to the particularities of your products and your corporate image
  • and, when you need to develop specific functionalities or a custom design, the theme should be specially conceived with these tasks in mind

we already

we are...

  • a boutique company, specialized in BigCommerce and a certified partner
  • the developers of Scaffolding, a powerful theme with great flexibility and highly sought-after functionalities, that makes your e-commerce site ready to go and prepared to grow
  • the team with a proven track record in creating powerful tools and custom designs

the strategic partner for efficient and competitive outcomes

what we offer

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Start by installing Scaffolding, our free-to-use BigCommerce theme, to access numerous new functionalities with a professionally designed store.

You'll also receive 30 days of email support at no cost.


Make your e-commerce site ready to go in just a few days by configuring BigCommerce and Scaffolding with a team of designers and BigCommerce specialists, who will help you identify the specifics of your business and translate them into your site.


Incorporate specific functionalities and custom designs according to your needs. Standard themes may not always meet your unique requirements, but leveraging the nature of Scaffolding as a framework ready to grow ensures tailored solutions.


Receive advice and development of customized solutions for your business, including custom design, integration with information systems, migration to BigComerce or Scaffolding, process automation, and metrics, to expand your business.

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How we work
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How we work

+20 years
of e-commerce experience

Light Bulb

Design Excellence:

Crafting User Experiences

Every button and icon, each word and image, and how they interact on the screen are integral to the user's journey through your store.

We prioritize creating a clear, user-friendly interface with a persuasive hierarchy. This alignment ensures that your objectives seamlessly align with those of the user.

Our primary aim is to facilitate a smooth and natural conversation, equipping you with the means to measure, analyze, and enhance user experiences—either collaboratively or independently.

It's not just about aesthetics; it's about what the user perceives and experiences.

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Streamlined and Empowering

Our BigCommerce applications are designed to minimize intrusion, making minimal modifications to themes like Cornerstone, while leveraging external modular functionality.

Our development approach adheres to key principles: automation, customization, and measurability. These principles empower you to concentrate on your core business without limitations on software capabilities or data access, enabling informed decision-making.

The answer is yes, it can be done, and, more often than not, it's not complex.

We employ a robust yet flexible methodology, which can be fully customized to meet your specific needs and deadlines.

Our highly productive team consists of skilled strategists, analysts, designers, and developers working cohesively to achieve your goals.

We communicate in the language of your customers, focusing on the needs, expectations, and desires of the average shopper, drawing from over two decades of experience.

We proactively identify issues and potential improvements, often addressing them before you even point them out.

In today's digital landscape, behavioral data is essential. Our extensions and custom developments seamlessly integrate with your tracking software.

As a small, efficient team utilizing templates and extensions, we can offer competitive hourly rates and reduce project timelines.

We believe in creating solutions that are tailor-made for your unique needs, ensuring that every aspect aligns with your goals.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not happy, we're not either. We'll continue working until every detail meets your expectations.

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