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Scaffolding Manual Index

Background colors, lines, text, fonts, sizes and appearance of titles, and other settings related to the site in general.
Header and footer colors, logo location and size, menu and search engine position, user menu, display social media and payment icons, brand listing and Contact widget.

Home page carousel, feeds of new, best selling and featured products on the home page.

Colors, sizes, images, formatting and everything related to the main menu of the site.

Size, image placement, categories to be displayed, colors, shapes and everything related to Scaffolding's Colorful menu.
Quick guide to get you started with Display Widget, a core feature of Scaffolding.

What to display (content), where to display (position) and how to display (style) each of the 10 Display Widget blocks.

Shape, size, colors, images and everything related to the 5 styles that the Display widget allows you to use.
Calculation rules and period of application of category discounts.
List of all the tokens that can be used in the contents of the display widgets.
Everything related to the Product Page, Product Card and Product listing (category page, brands, search engine).
Colors, number of columns, templates and listing type as well as navigation filters to be used in category and brand pages
Colors of fields, buttons and site icons.

List of enhancements, features or functionalities, available in the theme that do not need to be configured.

Colors, fonts and logo to be used by One page checkout of BigCommerce.
Payment button settings on the product page.
Allows you to style PayPal Pay Later promotional banners.